ASK DTOE: How do you locate DOE principal’s “School.NYC.Gov” email using DOE documents?

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It’s Hiring Season! We hope you’ve been checking our ANOI page, Google, asking your networks (we have a HUGE network of educators from DTOE and UFT Solidarity!) We’ve lately seen an uptick in members asking us how to find DOE emails for administrators. Here’s an easy how-to guide:

Using the CEP

1. Go to Google and type in the school’s name in the search bar. A number of links about the school will come up. Typically a school’s DOE Portal will be in the TOP 5 links on page 1. For our example school, the Academy For American Studies (a VERY nice school, by the way for teachers and students!), the DOE portal was fifth on the list. You can tell a DOE Portal by looking for the green text tag “SchoolPortals.”

Find the school's DOE Portal Page.

Find the school’s DOE Portal Page.

2. Click on the page. You should see something that looks like the picture. Look on the left side of the page and click on “Statistics and Budget.”dtoe opt 1 step 2

You can access all types of awesome data on schools including surveys, report cards, QR ratings, and Galaxy Budgets. Gives you some ideas on what to FOIL and how to prepare for an interview at a school (you’ll look awesome if you can cite stuff from a school’s CEP). You are looking for the Comprehensive Education Plan for this task. It’s towards the bottom of the page. Simply scroll down past Average Class Size and you’ll find Comprehensive Educational Plans. Click on the most recent one, 2015-16, and let it download.

dtoe opt 1 step 2b

3. Some schools list another contact person on their CEP other than the principal (can be an AP typically). If that’s the case you’ll need to use Outlook (this tutorial is forthcoming!) I located the CEP for a Bronx high school that listed the principal’s email in the CEP. When the CEP loads, go to page 3 of the document and look for (near the top) school contact email and principal. Make sure the Principal of the school and the school contact person are the same. The email address of the contact person will be listed. For this school, the principal and school contact person for the CEP is the same.

dtoe opt 1 step 3

Now feel free to start emailing those principals your resumes and cover letters!

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