NYC Principal Speaks Out Against Corruption


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  1. Ms. Evanko would you be willing to help others from 125 who have had their careers ruined because your former APs and Superintendent? Perhaps you might be able to help those who were wrongfully accused under your predecessor Mr. Martin who was placed there by Timothy Behr, appointed through a corrupt C30 process, and removed before he could begin his second year?

    • Mr. Martin was the Networks data expert before they installed him as principal.

      I think that the way I could help is to have people speak out about their situations and open up a dialogue. They cannot silence everyone. The more people that speak out the more they have to stand up and take notice. The more of us that stand together the better chance we have of helping to change the system so that it i better for our children.

      Share your story if you feel you can.

      I can only tell you what I endured and saw first hand at JHS 125. When I first arrived the morale was terrible, no one trusted anyone, let alone me the new principal. The assistant principals were trying to get over being bullied, teachers were so sick from the attacks of the former principal the thought of coming to work was too much to bear, people were afraid, tired, beat down, demoralized etc… Assistant Principals, teachers and support staff were not one unit, no one trusted anyone. I changed that through building trust and partnerships to bring everyone together. We were not perfect, but we came a long way except for a very small, perhaps 4 people who were working with the superintendent and network to spy for them and take us down. So, I do know that JHS 125 was a very different place when I arrived and became a great learning environment when I was removed.

      I know that having a dialogue and opening up about your situation will begin the healing process for you, it has for me. There is something very wrong and dysfunctional with some systems and structures of power in the DOE and the only way they can be fixed is if they are identified.

      • An article was written about this dialogue at

      • Are you pursuing legal action for wrongful termination?

        • Dear Ms. Evanko,
          If you have not already done so, you should file your case with EEOC, and they will issue you a “right to sue” letter if they don’t pursue the case themselves. You can also file a complaint with the NYS Office of Human Rights. It is horrible what they do to administrators, but I would suggest that if enough administrators get together and demand changes to the SCI system as a biased corrupt entity through a class action lawsuit, nothing is going to change.

          Good luck, so sorry you are going through this.

          • Dear Lori, I have a family member that went through the same exact situation. You name it turning an f school slated to close into a B school in less then a year. And because my family member as a new Principal got a much needed grant to hire the right teachers to do the job right she was targeted for termination by the Superintendent and Network powers that be! When other principals got there c3o in 3 months time for failing schools my family member was given an entire year to fail. After my family member superceded all traps to fail the kids did so good she was acknowledged even by the state as exceptional work. So because the powers to be looked bad my family member was terminated during the school summer recess! Conspiracy? You make the call?
            However many educators and administrators are of fear of retaliation and blackballing from the powers that be. If there’s any class action lawsuits and attorneys you know about or are part of please share it publicly because there are many people right now in need of the right help but can not get it from the unions whose a part of this problem?

      • That is horrible. You should pursue legal action for unlawful termination.

  2. Educator with integrity

    Lori I tip my hat to you that you have come forward . It’s not easy to do, but I know it makes you sleep better at night knowing you are doing the right thing for our children in NYC. I am also a whistleblower and have enjoyed every second of it. I became a teacher to help students not hurt them. If we continue to come forward , we can start to neutralize the corruot DOE,UFT,OSI and SCI organizations. Everyone is in on this as you had mentioned. So quicker we educate our colleagues , the quicker we build a coalition to stop this destruction of the education system. Farina is not looking to put a halt on what is really going on. She is playing the game like change is coming, but at this pace she will be far out of office before anything substantial gets done. DOE your corruption will continue to get exposed and the embarrassment will spiral out of control. Continue programing everyone from top to bottom to destroy in order to protect their jobs. Great business model you crooks!

    • Thank you for your support it is greatly appreciated. Educators cannot work under conditions of fear. It does not work, it is not productive and it does not help our children. As educators we are continually learning and most times having to because the children come to us every year with different needs. For example, my teachers had to learn how to become reading teachers. That does not happen overnight, it takes years to become knowledgeable about reading strategies and assessments. My teachers made significant changes in their teaching to help our students in a short amount of time. I am still amazed that no one cared about all the progress we made for the children. So many people knew what was happening, what we accomplished and no one, not one person could speak out about this injustice. Would anyone want this happening to their children? It is unfortunate and a travesty but everything I did to help the students achieve success has been undone. I think back to my graduation speech and how far those children came in 2 short years under my leadership and my teachers extraordinary hard work, and how that is all lost on those children left behind. We celebrated on graduation day, parents could not thank us enough for what we did for their children. Perhaps some will see this website and remember what I told them on graduation day and continue to achieve even when people try to sabotage them. Here is my speech…

      Good Morning ladies and gentleman, class of 2014.

      It is with great pleasure and honor that I stand before you today at IS 125 Henry

      Hudson 8th Grade Graduation.

      2 years ago when I became Principal of IS 125 Henry Hudson this school was slated

      to close.

      This is one of my most proudest moments and one that is bittersweet.

      I am so proud of all your accomplishments no matter how big or small.

      In the past two years I have seen you grow from children who were finding their

      way in school, in society and in life to mature people who advocate for themselves

      and take responsibility for what they do and what they do not do.

      These are all wonderful areas of growth, although bittersweet for me because I will

      miss you all very much.

      I will miss you dropping in to the office to say hello

      Perhaps to hang a hoodie on my coat rack

      Or to hold your hat or phone for the day…

      I will even miss your basketballs that are piled in my office held for you

      The skateboards I trip over that you store behind my door…

      I will miss you asking me for the 10th time if a book that you had requested has come

      in yet…

      I will miss you sitting at the conference table reading, laughing and learning …

      I will miss the way you help each other even when you do not share a common


      I will miss all the hello Ms. Evanko as I walk the school…

      And, I know this is hard to admit I will even miss the sounds of your loud voices in

      the halls, and mostly because I have come to know you well enough that I know the

      sound of your voice before I see your face…

      Most of all I will miss the joy you bring me for uniquely being you…

      I know that you have learned many things from these past years, but so have I…

      You have taught me more than you will ever know.

      I wish you all the happiness that life can bring…

      I want you to pursue every opportunity that life offers you.

      If opportunities do not come to you CREATE THEM!

      CREATE Opportunities by READING, READING and READING!

      READING will bring you knowledge

      Knowledge will bring you POWER

      POWER will give you privilege

      Privilege will give you access to Opportunities

      REMEMBER to always believe in yourself…

      If you make a mistake learn from in and MOVE ON…

      If you fail, Try again and again until you succeed…

      Success is for you

      It doesn’t matter how other people perceive your success…

      Keep people who believe in you close, your parents, family, teachers and true friends…

      I remember when I first came to IS 125 and they wanted to close the school.

      Some of you asked me, “Miss, why do they want to close our school?”, “Miss why do
      they say we are failing”, the most heartbreaking question was, “Miss why do they

      say we are stupid”

      Those questions broke my heart….

      But at the same time made me more determined to prove everyone wrong so that

      you would not feel that you FAILED at Anything.

      Look how far you have come

      Keep up the hard work even when no one is there to prompt you or tell you to work


      You have to work hard for you! No one else can do the work for you.

      Stay Strong, life is not always fair

      The most important things are many times the hardest to achieve

      Savor the struggle

      It is the journey we take to achieve the important things that count.

      How we get there many times is more important then the finish line

      The choices we make; right, wrong or indifference, they are your choices

      Choose wisely

      You will have many accomplishments along with failures that have gotten you


      Failure is crucial to success; it is how you react to failure that will define who you


      How people see you

      How you effect change

      Remember to be kind

      Earnest and honest

      Keep you values even in the hard times

      Keep your goals in sight, focus

      I wish only the best for each and every one of you

      You are all amazing in your different ways and that’s what makes

      Each of you special

      You are the class of 2014 I am proud of you and am a better person for knowing you.

  3. What more can be done to expose corruption in the system?

  4. Dear Lori Evanko,
    As a former classroom teacher and Library Media Specialist in the Bronx who, after an illustrious career with the DOE was forced into retirement based on the word of a cantankerous school aide, I can only imagine your heartbreak. In my case, my then principal never bothered to find out that I had been misdiagnosed over decades and was legitimately diagnosed with a severe and generalized form of a rare disease of the neuromuscular junction that left me nearly paralyzed. That you are courageous enough to speak out against corruption and take a stand against autocrats within the Board illustrates you as an authentic, honest professional, with high standards. It is high time the entire system rid themselves of fraud and remove poor performing teachers and administrators, who didn’t earn their titles honestly and fairly. The time for the whistleblower is now! Hopefully you will be vindicated not only professionally but monetarily as well.

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