Discontinued Teacher Wins a Major Battle

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  1. Fantastic and uplifting story that every educator should read. I experienced something very similar in my law enforcement career. Thanks for fighting the fight and paving the way for more teachers to seek justice in such unfortunate situations. It is because of situations like this that I co-founded support sites for Teachers, Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers. Cheers!

  2. what lawyer did you use? I need to speak with someone asap re: my discontinuance

  3. Call me, (813) 760-2900 cell

  4. I need someone to talk to.

  5. How do I join DTOE?

  6. Can you provide a telephone number where I could reach you? Thanks.

  7. I am also going through a discontinuance as a first year teacher. I am feeling very nervous about everything and afraid.

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