Principal Adonna McFarland Retaliates Against Non-Tenured Guidance Counselor


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  1. the link to sign petition is not functioning.

  2. No where in this discontinued counselor’s letter does she address the fact that she was discontinued as a teacher! How confidential of her to even list the initials of “affected” students!

  3. Its funny how you can cite a principal’s name but not the name of this wonderful guidance counselor!

    • These comments are idiotic. Nothing about the counselor’s past could excuse how pathetic this principal behaved, and of course the victim’s name is not published. Are you McFarland, embarrassed to have been called out? If that’s the case: you’re a disease to your community and a disgrace to the profession.

      • Duncan you are obviously discontinued too! Are you 501?

        • Ahahahaha, I knew that was you! I’m not, and if I was as fraudulently discontinued as this counselor, you can trust I’d be even madder. Nope, I’m just embarrassed.

        • And furthermore Duncan you are quick to call out McFarland’a name how about calling out the other staff members who are happy to be at the school!! How about inquiring about the discontinued guidance counselor a grievances- where are they?! Or no she didn’t file any! Collect all of your facts before you fall for a sob story

      • And furthermore Duncan you are quick to call out McFarland’a name how about calling out the other staff members who are happy to be at the school!! How about inquiring about the discontinued guidance counselor a grievances- where are they?! Or no she didn’t file any! Collect all of your facts before you fall for a sob story

    • You’re right. We can.

    • The principal has recourse if she so wishes to take action.

  4. Listen, I’ve got nothing but respect for teachers who can make a toxic professional environment somehow work for them—this school sadly doesn’t seem to have many of those teachers left. To me, this doesn’t read like a sob story. It reads like a principal’s childish vendetta, and the fact that the principal herself is so clearly carrying that immaturity into the comments here only makes me more upset, and confident that the counselor’s firing was unjust.

  5. You state: “Additionally, I teach 2-3 periods per day, every week, as part of the permanent schedule I received from Ms. McFarland on August 30th, 2014”
    So I’m wondering…are you from the future? I hate sloppy writing as it undermines your perfectly valid position.

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  7. Although this is only one side of the story, I believe every word!

  8. the fact that the principal is in these comments immaturely shows her lack of professionalism and character. and i definitely believe you because i remember her from whitman jhs when she was a teacher, she was sooooo ratchet! i was shocked to see her name as principal! this is ridiculous .

  9. Concerned Educator

    Folks in D17 where McFarland worked as an AP to D16 where she started as a teacher knows how incredibly unprofessional, incompetant and nasty she is. She has always been a snake in the grass. We all have a story….believe me! I wondered for years how she became an AP much more a principal. So disheartening!!! How could this be?

  10. Gosh, where to start? It’s too bad she wasn’t told of this principal’s reputation and didn’t kowtow for the year in order to keep her job. Isn’t that part of the work world for many people in life? Why didn’t someone explain to her that in the Bloomberg world many of the “at-risk” students are also Special Ed, so she’s still helping them, and the school/principal has a chance to score better on its Progress Reports? Why wasn’t she told that maybe the special ed service providers she speaks about may be doing a decent job at not cost to the principal so she needs her to work on “at-risk”? Is the principal disgusting- yep. Now go find a new job and see if you suck it up the next time when you think about doing it “your way”. Work can suck. You know the DOE can suck. Next. Big picture: too bad the UFT won the court case so this sorry excuse for a principal had a chance to spew her venom for another year at a school that didn’t work. She lost her job. I feel sorry for her. All the kids, especially the Special Ed kids, continue to lose everyday.

  11. Shame Shame Shame

    It’s sad and embarrassing to sit here and read the comments that are taken place here all by “Educators” esp. Principal Adonna McFarland. The main factor here is being overseen and that’s the students, our children, which Mrs. McFarland have no concern or care for. I’ve watched her terrorize one student, had him crying hysterically, when she told him she was going to call Child Services on his grandmother if he doesn’t act right, because she know he doesn’t live with the mother like he suppose too. Shame, Shame, Shame…. that is no behavior tactic a professional should ever use with a child. I will like to make one important remark, in hopes of saving another employee, whose career can be destroyed by this wicked women (Mrs. Adonna McFarland)!!!! If you are interviewed by someone named Mrs. Adonna McFarland PLEASE RUN!!!! She is wicked, evil, and out to destroy anyone she can not control. Hold tight you will get another job offer. I’m a witness to her destructive character and all other employees left there are not happy “Trust Me.” I’ve never met anyone like her. I’m not out to destroy her, I’m out to prevail from her destruction!!!! Please don’t chance your career and all your education you invested in, to succeed. I did, and I’m paying for it!!!!!

  12. Why are principals given so much unchecked power? They can fire and effectively terminate forever an excellent teacher, guidance counsellors career….this is wrong. I believe karma has everyone’s address…but the fallout of the pain caused by these crazy people is ridiculous. Is the chancellor trying to change anything? Is she at all trying to stop this nonsense?

  13. Adonna McFarland is the DEVIL. While working as an AP at MS246 she mistreated both staff and students. She verbally abused the children and used nasty tactics to ruin the careers of some staff members that didn’t go along with her program. She needs to be investigated and removed.

  14. Ms. Mcfarland was a math teacher at M.S. 246 I am surprised she made it to AP and now principal?!?! She was a very ghetto math teacher, and was very unprofessional. I should know first hand as I was one of her students in her class! Now a teacher in DOE, I was searching for schools to apply to and came upon her name as principal. I did not hesitate to NOT apply to her school! I’ve seen how nasty she could get. SMH.

  15. Portelos-Does this post solve the age old DOE problem? Does it rectify your current realities? What more can we do to help beside vent? Anyone reading this post will see disgruntled teachers and one student!!! Where were all these people when McFarland was doing wrong? Did they report it? Did the student report it? Is anyone writing letters to the Superintendent or Chancellor? Or do we all know and understand that they cosign what is systematic-We need change and now!!

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  17. I am a student at Vsc and I have fun there. The principal is very nice to me. Even though the school is in a bad area when we’re there we feel safe. Ms.taylor, one.of the reasons she left was her grandmother got sick in New Jersey and she moved there to help her out. I have been there since the school opened and when ms.mcfarland talks to the teachers I always see them laugh after and the teachers are always happy. Plus you can’t say something about some ones school and you do not go there and talk about some one and not even know them. One more thing you all based your statements off one person’s opinion about our school. Did you ever get a statement from one of the students that went there and the teachers that go there now not when the school just started out. That all I wanted to say because I see all these horrible statements about our school and my principle and
    and not person who actually goes there said anyanything and no on is basing there statement off of a fact

  18. Don’t people change

  19. People can change at least that’s what my mom says are you guys now going to say she’s wrong to.

  20. Sooner or later in life, we will all take our own turn being in the position we once had someone else in. It is without a doubt in my mind that Ms. McFarland will put herself in a position that will leave her wishing she was a humble human being. It’s important to realize that just because someone holds a position of leadership, doesn’t necessarily mean they should. This “woman” has taken her position of “power” to an entire new level. I can tell you first hand (as a former employee) that this school “leader” speaks to individuals (students, staff, and parents) as if they are beneath her. She does not work collaboratively with anyone because she feels as though she has the answers for everything! Her attitude is nothing short of disgusting as she would constantly prance her scrawny ass up and down the halls without a word to anyone! I personally had a 7th grade student come to me and ask me if I was “scared” of McFarland. When I told her “No”, she said to me “I am because she’s just so mean; I don’t want to get in her way”. It was the saddest thing ever! Academically, the students of this school are struggling as they are too busy being involved with gang activities, fights, etc. (one of the MANY reasons I decided to leave this place). WAKE UP people! This fool has been placed to be in charge of your child’s education and future. I suggest you do what you have to do to ensure she has no influence on your child’s life. Anyone who has experienced this chick, just sit back & wait. She’ll eventually screw herself over & if we’re lucky, God will let us watch!

  21. Well well!!! This blog along with the others say a lot about this “PRINCIPAL” ADONNA! The little ugly Brownsville girl who fu#%ed her way to the top! I can’t believe she’s a principal with the reputation she has within the DOE and in the streets. No one liked you before and no one likes you NOW! You will never be liked! Your being tolerated because jobs/careers are hard to get. So yes you will have a lot of people kissing your “fake” ass, but it’s not genuine! You know of all people I know the truth about that “ass”. You would think after being on your death bed you would be such a humble person! Your lucky to be alive! I won’t touch basis on your illness situation, but you should be thanking GOD!
    Your such a horrible and wicked human being!
    ADONNA McFarland is a prime example of a hood rat with a position of somewhat “authority” The worst part is that our future suppose to look up to her! And she’s suppose to give them guidance! Good luck for anyone with kids in her school! Try to sit down with her for about 15 mins and watch the stuttering bird come right out! And she’s the school leader! Smh!
    This is sad! Im not 100% shocked, this is how the world is today! It’s not about what you know nowadays, it’s all about who you know and what you’ve done with/for them!
    This “PRINCIPAL” is NO role model to our children! Oh and poor KAYLA!!! What she gave you for this post!!!! Some pizza & juice and a passing grade! Little girl just get your education and stay on her good side because you can be on the other side with the rest of the kids she hate.
    I’m pretty sure if this blog really went public, the community, parents, the other schools and her own staff would have a lot to say about this “PRINCIPAL”.
    I knew this chick for years and I could destroy her career if I wanted too but from the looks of these blogs, and the word around, she’s going to destroy it all by herself!!!
    You did it to yourself “DICE”

  22. A Woman of G-O-D

    In the midst of dwelling in all the filth and mire, my hope, is that Adonna recognizes, “every nail you hammer in your brother’s hand keeps you on the cross.”

  23. I second that Adonna McFarland is a nightmare to work for, she is disrespectful, unprofessional and abusive. She does try to use her sexuality to control. I feel so bad for all of her underlings. She needs serious help, the power has obviously made her worse. She might have a good heart, and is probably very wounded, but she can’t be in a workplace until/unless she makes a 180.

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